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Tuesday 6th July

Good morning! Happy Tuesday laugh

Spend 10 minutes reading this morning then have a go at this Viking wordsearch:


We are continuing our work on angles and turns today by learning about right angles. Watch the video, then have a go at the worksheet. 



Sum3.7.2 - Right angles in shapes.mp4

Still image for this video


Today we would like you to have a go at writing your own introduction but for a Viking information text.


For this, you will need the mindmap that you completed last Wednesday titled Who were the Vikings? (If you haven't done this yet you should go back and complete Wednesday lesson).

You will also need the model you copied out yesterday. 


Below is a copy of the same model from yesterday. We have highlighted some parts in yellow. You need to use the information you collected on your mindmap to change the bits in yellow in order to make it a Viking text. You could also take out the bits in yellow completely if it doesn't work for the Vikings.


The bits highlighted in green are also bits for you to change or take out but they are there to challenge you more.


So your task this morning is to write out an introduction for a text about the Vikings. You can approach this in two ways:

1. You can copy out our model and when you get to a highlighted bit rewrite it/change it using your information.


2. You can use the one you copied out yesterday and make changes  e.g. cross bits out or add bits in before you write out your final version.




*Please bring in your final version when you return to school for us to see! :) *


This afternoon we are carrying on with our history enquiry about the Vikings. Below is the next text we will be reading which is about how Viking Britain was ruled. Read through the text then go back and underline any key information (only words or phrases). 

Then, just like we did with the previous texts, copy your key information onto a mindmap:





                                            How was Viking Britain ruled?