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Tuesday 9th Feb

NUMERACY - Add mixed numbers and improper fractions

Today we will be carrying on adding fractions, looking at adding improper fractions and mixed numbers.  First, have a go at the recap, then watch the video below.

Spr5.7.3 - Add mixed numbers (Fix)

Look at the examples on the slides, then pick a starting point.  The sheets are colour coded to match the success criteria and the example questions on the slides.


You can mark as you go along and move on when you are ready.



First do your Activating Prior Knowledge task:

It's Independent Write Week! 


Today, you need to plan your next piece of independent writing. It's just like last week's but this time you'll have to imagine you've experienced a violent storm! Watch the video below to get some ideas of things that can happen in a storm! 


This writing will follow the same structure and grammar as last week, so you can use details from your old plan to help (just be mindful that some of the effects of the earthquake may not be quite the same as a storm, but you can certainly explain scary things that happen to you that are similar). 

Storm footage


It's our final week of music - enjoy! smiley