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Tuesday 9th February

Morning task

Have a go at these arithmetic questions below - written multiplication. See how many you can complete in 15 minutes then mark your answers below. 



Write your title on your page. This is the second and final day on this topic for now.

There is a new video you can watch (or you can have a look at yesterday's again).

Then, choose from the tasks below.


For literacy today, we will be writing out setting description of Miss Honey's cottage. Use your plans from yesterday (there is an example plan below). There is a simple example to follow if you are struggling. 


Thank you for sharing your wonderful recreations of Starry Night last week! This week, we would like you to choose a different media to work in such as craft materials, felt tip, crayon or even objects from around your house! There are lots of examples on the slides to show you what you could use. 



Puffin Storytime | Artemis Fowl Extract with Eoin Colfer