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Wed 20th Jan

Good morning year 4! We are half way through the week, here is another joke for you.


How do you get a squirrel to like you? 


Act like a nut.


Morning Activity


To start the day off, spend 10 minutes completing arithmetic pg 30 remembering to show your working out. After 10 minutes, use the answers to mark and correct any have got wrong.



In literacy today, you are going to start to write your independent text on Roman aqueducts. You have today and tomorrow to complete this writing, so do not feel like you have to complete it all in one go.


Use your plan that you completed yesterday to help you write your three paragraphs. Remember you must do this independently, but you can look at the modelled write that we gave you last week (look back at Thursday14th and Monday 18th PowerPoints) or even your own writing from last week to help give you some ideas and remind you of what you need to include.


Before starting to write, look at the writing checklist below. Remember these are all the things we want evidencing in your writing.



Good morning Y4,  It was great to see that so many of you accessed the lesson from last week. smiley  We're carrying on with a new piece of music today. Please click on the link below to work through your lesson.

Afternoon Subjects



Answers for Tuesday 12th

Today's first job is to go back to the work you completed on Tuesday and use the answers below to mark. Please complete any corrections for the ones you have got wrong.


Main lesson


Today, we will be using short division known as the 'Bus Stop' method to divide 3-digits by 1 -digit.


First, write the short date 20.01.21 and the title Short division - 3-digits by 1-digit. Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete your recap and anchor task.


Recap and anchor task answers

Then, watch this video as it will explain to you how to carry out short division 3-digits by 1-digit.


Speed Guide to Short Division

A speed overview of how to do short division. 2 example questions demonstrated, one has 5 as a divisor, the other has 7.This is a quick review vid. Useful if...

Main Activities


Today, we would like all of you to have ago at the red/orange/green sheet. You only need to do question 1-15. Please set them out in a 'Bus Stop' method.

if you would then like to challenge yourself further have ago at the purple task.


Please show all working out in your books.