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Wed 3rd Feb

Good morning year 4! We are half way through the week.

Morning Activity


To start the day off, spend 10 minutes completing arithmetic pg 40 remembering to show your working out. After 10 minutes, use the answers to mark and correct any you may have got wrong.


Todays Lesson


For literacy today, we are going to start to plan our poems. 


First, write the long date Wednesday 3rd February 2021 and the title The Sound Collector and use your ruler to underline both. 


Next, have  a look at your success criteria below and complete your recap task. 

Main Activity


For today's learning, please follow the PowerPoint below before taking on your planning for your 'The Sound Collector' poems. As you click through the PowerPoint, it will go through step by step how to fill in your plan, this will give you the best chance of producing fabulous writing later on in the week. Read the plan carefully, as there are questions to prompt you along the way and REMEMBER do not use all of Miss Cameron's model, this is just as a guide to help you. 


Well done Y4 - you've reached week 4 of your music...keep going with all your hard work, I loved reading some of your Haikus from last week. smileyyes


Answers for Tuesday 2nd

Today's first job is to go back to the work you completed on Tuesday and use the answers below to mark. Please complete any corrections for the ones you have got wrong.



Main lesson

Today, we will be looking at what a fraction is.


First, write the short date 03.02.21 and the title What is a fraction? Use a ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete your recap and anchor task.


Recap and anchor task answers


Then, watch this video that explains what a fraction is.

Main Activities

Today, we would like everyone to complete the red/orange/green sheet. 

If you are in Mrs Bennett's group, then you must complete the purple task. If you are in Miss Groves' and Miss Cameron's group and would like a challenge then have ago at the purple task.