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Wednesday 10th February

Morning task

Complete 10 games of TTRS today please. 



Write the date and title

Area of rectangles


Then, have a go at the recap.

We are going to be calculating the area of rectangles in this lesson. First watch the video. Then, work your way through the tasks. It might be worth starting on orange first - if you find this easy, move on. We will have 2 days on this so you don't need to reach purple today.

Watch this for a quick recap of calculating the area of simple rectanges.

Watch this to see how to work out the area of more complex shapes


Today, you will get the chance to pretend to be Miss Trunchbull, writing to a parent!

All the instructions you need are on the slides. The extracts you read on Monday afternoon are included again - the task is explained after the extracts.

Well done Y6 - you've made it to your final music lesson this half term - Enjoy! smiley


Spend 20 minutes reading your book or First News. Remember to record this in your diary as one of your 3 reads.


As a reward for all of year 6's hard work this half term, we will be watching Matilda for part of the afternoon. This is on Netflix if you have it and want to join in, or perhaps choose a film of your choice (and check with your parents first!).