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Wednesday 13th January 2021


Today we will be multiplying 4 digit by 2 digit numbers.  This follows the same format as the last two days, using long division.  Again, you can use the grid method to help if you want.


Have a go at the recap, then look at the examples on the slide.  Once you have looked through the examples, look at the Target questions.  Decide where you would like to start, then have a go.  You do not have to complete all the questions - use the answers to check as you go and then move on when you are ready (as you would do in school).


There are also word problem and missing number questions from Headstart to try if you feel ready.

Balancing Equations

This video might help you with the recap!

Spr5.2.3 - Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits (basic practice)



First complete this warm-up task - a 60 second read comprehension!

Your work today is to finish your writing!


The WALT and Success Criteria are the same as yesterday (your writing checklist). Read through your writing so far to check it makes sense and remind yourself what you have already written.

Complete your writing - make sure you have all three sections from your plan written about, and you have included everything from your plan that you can. 


When you've finished, make sure you read through it all again using your checklist. If you have time, colour code (you can use colours, wiggly/straight lines, boxes...just make sure it's neat!) your work like we do in school, to show the things from your checklist that you have included - check the writing example as I have done this on there to remind you how. 



This week in our Forces topic we are looking at Gravity, air resistance and unbalanced forces. In your exercise book write the title Gravity and todays date. 

Below you will see our Activating Prior Learning activity which is a quiz. We have done these in class so you should know what to do. 

Activating Prior Knowledge Quiz

How well did you do?

Todays success criteria, no need to write this but read it so you know what we are learning.


Objective To explain that an object will fall towards the Earth if dropped because of the force of gravity.

I know what a force is and how gravity effects us.

I know what gravity and resistance are and how the affect us.

I can identify unbalanced and balanced forces .

I can explain what happens when there is an unbalanced force acting on an object.


Watch the video below to learn about Gravity and Isaac Newton


Your next task is a comprehension.

Read the information sheet- use your literacy skills to understand the text.

Write the questions in your book and answer them underneath. Make sure you copy spellings correctly and use neat handwriting.

There are two levels. Mr Holmes' literacy group need to do the 1 star questions. Ms Glover's  can choose and Miss Knightsbridge's group need to do the 3 star questions.

When you have finished use the answer sheet to mark your answers.

Balanced and unbalanced forces

Forces act in opposite directions. When they are balanced the object stays still ( no motion or movement) A chair on the floor is still because the force pushing up against gravity (resistant force) is equal to gravity.

Watch this video to help you understand. Don't worry too much about the vocabulary but try to understand the scientific idea.

Unbalanced forces activity