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Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Year 3!

We just want to say we are very impressed with how you've responded to this new challenge! Keep it up! smiley



To start the day off, spend 10 minutes reading. Then, try the next arithmetic sheet. This sheet recaps last terms learning: mental addition. You will notice each section gets a little bit harder. Section C is for those who really want a challenge. Try and complete this is 10 minutes. 



Answers will be on the website tomorrow.

Maths Lesson

Today, we are continuing with dividing (sharing) we will be focusing on dividing by 10. Follow the slides below and watch the video when prompted to.  


Aut3.10.5 - Divide by 10_Trim.mp4

Still image for this video
Literacy Lesson 

Today you will be quickly recapping FANBOYS, using Stone Soup. There is a fab little song to try and learn to help you remember which are the coordinating conjunctions. Then you will be learning about fronted adverbials, especially time adverbials.

Follow the instructions in 'Today's Literacy Task'.

The Coordinating Conjunctions Song (FANBOYS)

Yesterday you did a quick recap on using coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) to improve your writing. Watch and listen to this song to help you learn them!

Time Connective Mat - don't look until prompted!

Adverbs and adverbials


Spend 10 minutes reading before our afternoon lesson.



Moving forward, we will be doing PE on Wednesday afternoons to mirror what we are doing in school.


We are carrying on with dance lessons and doing an Indian dance this afternoon. This dance has more parts than the dance last week so we will be doing this dance this week and next week. So if you don't get to the end this week you will have chance next week to finish off. 


Before we start any exercise we need to warm up so follow the video below first.



The Daily Warmup Video for Virtual PE Class

Indian dance

We are starting a new dance today called Bhangra, which is a traditional dance from India.


Dances can be learnt directly from the videos. It's up to you how you use them but we suggest the following:


  1. Watch the FULL DANCE video to get an idea of the whole dance from start to finish.
  2. Learn the first part of the dance using the PART 1 Video. Use pause and play on the video to control the speed of your learning.
  3. Once you are confident with PART 1, repeat the process with PART 2 and PART 3.
  4. If you are stuck on a particular area, the VOICED INSTRUCTIONS videos will slow the dance down and the coach on screen will talk you through the steps.
  5. When you have learnt all the parts, try and put the whole dance together.
  6. Do the dance all the way through a few times. When you think you know it, you could perform it to someone at home when they aren't busy.