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Wednesday 13th January

Morning task

Either log onto TTRS for 10 minutes of games, or complete this times tables sheet. Practising your times tables is so important and will really help you with your maths work in both Year 6 and secondary school. 

First, set up your book like this.
Then, complete the recap.

Recap answers

If you need to, re-watch the videos from yesterday. 


Below are some posters which show you how we have taught this in class. 

You will need to remember some key facts:

 To find 10% divide by 10  (because there are 10 lots of 10% in 100%).

 To find 5%, first find 10% then halve the answer (because 5 is half of 10)

 To find 1% divide by 100  (because there are 100 lots of 1% in 100%).





Or you could use this method - find 1% first, then multiply.

Literacy - please send this piece of writing to us on the year 6 email address.

We will be writing our alien description today. Get ready to make your alien terrifying and horrible!


Hi Y6,  Please click on the link below to work through your lesson.


Make sure that you play the voice clips so you can hear my instructions, and if you're able to, please download and print the sheet below to use for the next 5 weeks. Choose the level you think is best for you. (Have a look at them and see which one looks similar to the one I would give you at school if you're not sure!)


Any questions or problems, just ask an adult to email me!


I look forward to seeing and hearing some of your work over the next few weeks! - You can always take pictures of your worksheet or record any work! Ms. Howes

John Williams Factfile

Spanish - this lesson should not take you very long

We are going to be starting a new unit in Spanish - describing the places in our town. 

First, have a go at the translation activity to 'activate your prior knowledge'. This recaps what we were learning last half term. 


Then, have a look at the new vocabulary in the table on the sheet. You will need to use google translate to help you work out what the words mean in English. Also press the button to hear the words spoken. 


Now, have a go at writing the Spanish words and linking them to places in Beeston and Chilwell. 

If you don't have a printer, just write the answers in your book. 


Spend 20 minutes reading your own book today. Make sure you write this in your reading diary.