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Wednesday 13th October

Happy Wednesday! 


Joke of the Day - 


Q) What is the witches favourite subject in school?

A) Spelling!


Today in Year 4 we have lots of fabulous learning to take on! In Literacy, we will be writing up our independent writing in our best handwriting, in Maths we will be looking at subtracting two 3 digit numbers (with one exchange) and in Art you will be thinking about your recent sculpture work and undertaking a evaluation of your work. 



In Literacy today, I would like you to write up your independent writing in your neatest handwriting. I'd love to see these brought back into to school to show off all your hard work whilst at home!


You can always challenge yourself and include a paragraph on evaporation and condensation (you did complete these as a model version at school). Alongside this, I'd like you complete a diagram to go with your writing showing us what the Water Cycle is all about! (You can find lots of examples on the internet of these!) 



In Maths today we will be continuing with our subtraction unit of study, however, we are moving on to look at exchanging, in particular subtracting two 3 digit numbers (with one exchange). 


Please watch the video below and follow the attached slides to  get a firm understanding of the concept and what the White Rose sheets will be asking you to do. 


After you feel confident with this, you can start taking on the White Rose sheets. Work your way through each sheet, if you need to you can refer back to the slides or video at any time. 


Once those are completed, why not challenge yourself and have a go at completing the mastery sheets attached below. 

Aut4.6.4 - Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number - exchange.mp4

Still image for this video


Think back to your final piece of sculpture and complete the evaluation sheet below.