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Wednesday 14th July

Morning Task - 

History - Presenting our findings

This morning, we are going to be presenting our findings to our 'Big Question.' You will be using your understanding from the previous lesson (stage 3 analysis). Go through the slides below and use the pictures to present your findings.

You will need to explain who the Maya were, explain about their settlements, farming and trade, beliefs and religion and culture.

You need to explain the theories of why the Maya disappeared and explain your hypothesis. 

Spelling Task

Complete the wordsearch below. Once you have found the words, try and use each one in a sentence.

Science - Unusual Plants and Animals

This morning, we are going to continue our research on an unusual plant or animal.

Go through the slides again (below) to remind yourself of what we are expecting from the lesson.

You can choose from the list on the slides - for example a dumbo octopus or a rafflesia. There are lots to choose from.

Art - Zendoodle animals

For this art task you will need different coloured pens, some plain paper and some scissors. Follow the instructions on the document below. It would be great to see some of these creations! Please email your work to