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Wednesday 15th


Today we are doing more long multiplication.

Watch the new video and have a go at the questions.

Remember to mark your answers every few questions.


We will be recapping main and subordinate clauses today as well as identifying the subject and object in a sentence.  Have a look through the slides to remind yourself about these. 

Then, have a go at the tasks. 


This afternoon in music we are starting to find out more about The Beatles and their music.


Before we look at that though, can you warm your musical brain up by thinking of as many of the musical elements as you can? And what they's a couple to start you off - 'Pulse'....and 'Tempo'...


Now use your Charanga login to go to 'Assignments' on your class page and click on Blackbird, Lesson 1. 


Have another listen to the song on there and click on some of the tabs at the bottom to find out more about the song and answer some of the 'listening and appraisal' questions that we normally think about.


Then have a go at a few of the other musical games/activities if you like and finish by trying to learn V1 from memory ready for next week's lesson.