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Wednesday 17th March


Today, we are going to be learning about proportion. Look at the slides and  then complete the sheets I sent you home with.  


Complete red and orange criteria and try green (I've tried to show my working out on the slides to help you). 


Have a go at the 2 reading comprehensions that I gave you. Mark your answers afterwards.


Complete the sheet that I sent home with you. Use the key vocabulary sheet below to help you. 


We are carrying on with our 10 pieces project that we started last week, so firstly login to Charanga - I've put your login letter below incase you've lost it. Then click on 'Assignments' and '10 pieces', then 'Beethoven's 5th Symphony'.


Next, you will need to fill in your listening and appraisal sheet - if you can't print the one below, then try and answer the questions on a separate piece of paper.


After that you are going to try and create your own body percussion for the main motif in the piece. (De de de derrrr, de de de derrr!!) - Can you create a pattern for that motif and perform it consistently and accurately each time?

(For example you could do - clap clap clap stamp, click click click clap - in the rhythm of Beethoven's motif) 

Charanga login letter

Listening and Appraisal sheet


Spend 20 minutes reading your book. Remember to record it in your reading diary.