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Wednesday 17th November



Today you are going to write your own version of Stone Age Boy independently. Use your plan from yesterday to help you. Remember to vary your sentence starters!



We are continuing with perimeter. Watch the slides below and use this to complete the worksheets.


As you know, we are working on our Glockenspiel playing skills and music theory, which is a bit tricky at home - unless you have a glockenspiel there! (In which case have a go at playing the pieces on them!)


So, log on to Charanga (follow the link below and use your own login) then click on 'Assignments', then 'Glockenspiel Stage 1 - Step 5' and have a go at learning the song 'March of the Golden Guards' - just sing along with the notes, saying them and clapping them like we do in our lessons before we have a go at playing it on the glockenspiel.


Then go back to 'Assignments' and have some fun playing on the 'Music Explorer for Glockenspiel' app - you have to drag the notes onto the stave and make your own music!


Have fun!