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Wednesday 20th January

Finding the Value of an Underlined digit

This may help with your recap

Start of with the recap on finding the value of digits - the video above has some helpful tips to work them out.

Next, look through the slides with examples of dividing 3 digit numbers by 1 digit and watch the video below.  The video shows how division links to place value.  For the short (bus stop) method we will be using, you will need to look at the slides.

Spr5.3.2 - Divide 3-digits by 1-digit



First, do the Activating Prior Knowledge task for today:

Next up, your writing!


Use the writing from last week to help you, just like we would do at school. There is an example of how you can adapt your setting to a new place.

Use your Independent Writing Checklist as you write – this is exactly the same as we use at school! Look on the document for instructions about how to use this.

Your story should be similar to last week’s, just with a different setting. Try to do this as independently as you can, using the resources here to help.

Don’t forget – this is exactly the process that we use at school for our writing! You should be able to do this on your own J

You can use these ideas from our washing line to help you.

PSHE - Healthy Bodies and Minds

The PDF above covers our next 2 PSHE lessons.  Read through pages 1-8 about how different types of health are related, answering the questions in your exercise book as you go.