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NUMERACY - Simplify fractions

Today we will be simplifying fractions.


Begin with your recap.


Next, watch the video below, which explains simplifying fractions (they call it reducing fractions).

Equivalent Fractions (part 2): Reducing Fractions

Look through the slides, then pick a starting point for your work.  Remember that the rule is still that you must do the same to both the numerator and denominator.



Check the main document for today's tasks. 

You will also need the following text. This has the highlighted examples for Wednesday and Thursday on. Today you will need to look at the PINK highlighted text, with cohesive device examples:


What is a Timeline? Explained in 60 seconds

This is our first lesson on our History topic - The Shang Dynasty.

First, watch the video above about chronology (time order).

We are going to look at where the Shang Dynasty came compared to other periods.


Use the timeline cards and the timeline to order the different historical periods.


There is a completed version so that you can check your answers once you have finished.