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Wednesday 21st July


Please can you start today with a 10 minute read and make a note of what you have read in your diary.


Now have a  go at the morning challenge. Click on the link, which will send you to today's tasks.



This morning, we would like you to begin planning the ingredients for writing your own poem. 

1. Read through the Viking Seeress' Potion poem from Tuesdays lesson to refresh your memory (can also be found below). 


2. Read through the Wayward sisters poem. This is another poem about a potion being made. Underline the rhyming words that you can find. In another colour underline the ingredients you can spot!


3. Use the planning sheet below to start to think what you will include in your potion poem. You need to think of a pair of animals that rhyme and are one syllable. e.g frog/dog. 


4. Then you need to think what you will use from those animals. Remember this poem is supposed to sound harmful and gruesome so try to think of things that would be dangerous e.g sting, bite (we don't want any fluffy bunnies!)


5. In the 3rd column, you need to think of some more animals. This time they do not need to rhyme but they must be one syllable!


6. Then repeat step 4 for these animals (thinking what you will use from these animals).


The first row is filled in to give you an example. 

You can use the Viking Seeress and the Wayward sisters poems for inspiration but try and change any ideas you magpie to make them your own. 


This morning, we are continuing to look at measurement but we are moving on to measuring liquids and learning about capacity and volume. Watch the video below then have a go at the worksheet.


Sum3.10.4 - Measure capacity (1).mp4

Still image for this video


This afternoon, could you complete at another TTRS sessions that has been set for you. There are garage and studio tasks set for you to complete.



Yesterday, you started to fill in the cube for our evaluation lesson. Today your task is to complete the missing faces of the cube.  Fill in the remaining boxes. Below is a link to the lesson slides with links to the films we watched in lessons. These may help you answer these questions.