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Wednesday 24th November



Try the APK task first - look carefully at the picture and answer the questions from it. 


Today, you need to brainstorm all the things that you could write about Chilwell! Do this any way that you like  - you could draw a mind-map, a table or a list. Make sure the things are positive - we want people to know about all the good things! 


Some things to think about: 

- places to visit/activities – Chilwell High Road, shops

- nearby places – Attenborough, Beeston, Nottingham, M1 

- positives – transport links, shops, good schools 


Today we will be working on measuring perimeter practically.  Pick some items you can measure, eg, a book, a table, a rug and measure the perimeter (remember to measure each side then add up all the totals).  If you don't have rulers/tape measures, you can work on your tables on TT Rockstars instead.



RE - The Christmas Story - Evaluation

Today we will be thinking about what you have learnt about the Christmas story.


  • In the first box, bullet point what you remember about the main points of the nativity story.
  • In the second, think about what you think the story means to Christians - think about things like what Jesus represents and what messages Christians can take from the story.
  • In the last 2 boxes write about your view on whether the story is true and whether this matters.