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Wednesday 2nd March


Watch the slides below and complete the attached worksheets.


We are continuing with our writing. Watch the slides below and continue with your writing on your plan from yesterday.


Begin be creating a mind map of what you know about Jesus so far.


Watch the clips below on the last supper.

Did Jesus have any enemies? What was his response to his enemies, did he forgive them?


Use you knowledge of the last supper to complete the story board below. Look at the pictures, order them and stick them in in the correct order and write a sentence to explain what is happening underneath.


Today's lesson is a bit tricky to do at home as we're going to be using our Boomwhackers, Triangles and Tambourine and working on reading and playing rhythms with the instruments.


However, this lesson below on 'Oak National Academy' is all about reading and clapping rhythms - you could play them on an instrument at home if you have one or even use a pan and wooden spoon - be creative!


He also teaches the Cup Song at the end, so it would be great if you could have a go at this lesson and maybe if you manage to learn the Cup Song, you could show me when you're back next week!#




Ms Howes smiley