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Wednesday 30th June

Good morning! smiley


Start this morning by reading for 10 minutes. Then write a book review about your book. 


Stage 1- chronology

In school today we are starting our work on the Vikings. 

We will be starting with stage 1 which is chronology- have a look at some important events in Viking history in the document below. Then have a go at putting them in time order.


You can either print off the sheet, cut them out and place them on the timeline, or draw your own timeline and label it with the different events. (When you come back to school try and remember to bring this with you to stick in your books.)

Stage 2- enquiry 

Now, we can move on to stage 2 and finding out more about the Vikings. 

Read through the text below and underline (either on paper or on the computer) the key words or phrases just like we did with the Anglo-Saxon text last week, to find out who the Vikings were.


Once you have underlined the key words and phrases, create a mind map to share what you have found about who the Vikings were. Below is an example of one we did together for the Anglo-Saxons to help you do the same for the vikings. 


This afternoon we are hoping to do our sports day so we would like you to try and do the same from home!

Below is a video to complete your own virtual sportsday, using no equipment or things that you can find around the house!

Follow the video to 7 minutes 30 seconds. Have fun and let us know how you get on!

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