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Wednesday 31st March


This morning, we are going to be completing 2 history lessons: the analysis stage (which you did yesterday) and starting to present our findings.


If you haven't completed the analysis lesson yet, please do that first. The slides and the tasks are on yesterday's page on the website. 


If you have completed the analysis task, then have a look at the task below. To answer our big question, we will be presenting our findings using a knowledge organiser format. You are now the expert of the Industrial Revolution and its impact on Beeston, so you need to decide what are the most important parts and the most important vocabulary (and definitions) Then, present this on the knowledge organiser below. 

You need to fill the knowledge organiser -  if you are struggling without your book (especially for the dates) do a quick Google search. 


If you'd rather not use the knowledge organiser format, and prefer to make a poster or and information leaflet, then that's fine too. Remember to include as much information and key words as you can.


We will be carrying on with this tomorrow morning, so don't rush! 



Read your book for 20 minutes and record it in your diary.