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Wednesday 3rd February


NUMERACY - Ordering Fractions less than 1

First start off with your recap


Then watch the video on ordering fractions.  A lot of the skills you worked on yesterday will really help today.

Spr5.5.4 - Compare and order fractions less than 1

Today we are focussing on ordering fractions.

Work through the questions on the slides to help you understand some of the ways you can order fractions.  All of today's work is on one sheet.



First, do your Activating Prior Knowledge task:

Today, finish your earthquake writing.


Before you start, read your writing from yesterday to remind yourself where you are. Make sure you use your plan and your checklist from yesterday as you write. 


When you finish, colour-code your writing using the checklist to see whether you have included everything (you have an editing session tomorrow, so you could do this then if you run out of time). 




This week we will be investigating friction and continuing to develop our science skills by carrying out an enquiry ( experiment).


Learning Objective  Identify the effects of friction, that acts between moving surfaces


I can record my observations with help.

I can record my observations on my own.

I can use my results to draw simple conclusions.

I can report my findings and use them to write a conclusion using scientific vocabulary.


A good place to start is with the Oaks Academy lesson ( see link below). This will revise our previous learning and teach you about friction. There are worksheets to do if you want to do them however I would really like you to do an enquiry about friction. I have put links to some ideas which you could try. You could find and investigation on the internet or in a book or you could make up your own!

Remember to think like a scientist

- What question are you trying to answer?

- What equipment will you need?

-How will you make it a fair test?

-How will you record your results?

- What have you found out?

I would love to see what you all get up to!