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Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning Year 3, happy Wednesday!

To start with this morning, read for 10 minutes then have a go at the next arithmetic sheet.



We are continuing our work with money today. We will be converting pence and pounds- use your knowledge of how many ones are in 10 and 100 and how many tens are in 100 to help you. Go through the lesson slides below and watch the video when prompted.

Wednesday maths.mp4

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Start today's lesson by doing the next worksheet for your 'Word detectives' or spellings.


So the day has come to start to write your Stone Soup story, using all your learning and ideas from previous lessons. The story, as you know is divided into 5 sections, which we will write one at a time. Today is part 1!  We will be thinking about some of the finer details that will really make this your own story.

First have a look at the WALT, success criteria and the recap task below.

So to make today's task a little easier we have recordered a few videos to help explain. The link explains the first task. 


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Link on the link below to find the worksheet explained in the video above.

Below you will see 5 videos to help you write part 1. I have also uploaded our washing line with some brilliant ideas on. Remember to use your notes too from part 1. 




Click here to view the first part of your modelled writting

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Video part2

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Video 3

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Video 4

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Video 5 last one!

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Start this afternoon by spending 10 minutes reading and 10 minutes on TTRS

Physical Education

So as you will remember last week, you started to learn a Street Dance that was in three parts. You will be continuing with this lesson this week.

Spend some time going over what you did last week and then complete the lesson.

Below is a link which will take you back to last Wednesday so just click on PE and pick up from where you left off.