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Wednesday 3rd February

Morning task

Arithmetic - division.

Use the bus stop method to answer these short division sums. Spend 15 minutes trying to get as many questions done as you can then check your answers. 


This morning, we are revisiting multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Follow the slides first (complete the recap and anchor task) then watch the videos.

Multiply by 10 100 and 1000

Divide by 10 100 and 1000


Diary of a teacher!

Today, we want you to have some fun, imagining what it must be like to be...the teacher!

You can choose to pretend to be Miss Honey (lovely, kind, sweet) or Miss Trunchbull (mean, terrifying, awful)...or you can even have a go at being both!


Imagine they both go home and write a diary of their day every evening, before they go to bed. What would they say about their day in school - the children - the other teachers - the lessons they had seen? 


Think about what has happened in the extracts you have read from Matilda. Last Monday, the extracts described both teachers and showed how they acted, and last Tuesday we looked at short sections where Bruce Bogtrotter was getting yelled at. Re-read these for ideas.


Your Task:

Set up your page with the title Diary of Miss Honey/Trunchbull


Write a diary entry about your day at school, either pretending to be Miss Honey or Miss Trunchbull.

Try to use ideas from the extracts you have read, and use the skills on the success criteria. 


There are examples for both, below:

These slides explain what to do and give lots of ideas to help you:


Today we are looking at how to describe things in our town. Work through the sheet which introduces some describing words, and then adds them into the sentences you practised in the last Spanish lesson.

If you don't have a printer, then write the answers in your book. You can mark  your work when you have finished, with the answers below. (You can use them to check the new vocabulary as well.)


This vocabulary sheet might help, if you don't have it in your book:

(PS... your leitmotif could be for a character in Matilda! - this will make sense when you look at what your task is for today!!)


Spend 20 minutes reading your reading book or First News. Remember to record it in your reading diary.