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Wednesday 3rd March

Morning task

Complete the grammar task below using your knowledge of conjunctions and relative pronouns.

Check your answers once finished. 


Follow the website below (BBC Bitesize link) to help you if you are unsure. There are a couple of videos to watch and practise tasks to try.



We are going to be reading about Henry Ford's early career (jobs) today. Just like last time, we will be filling in a note sheet that we can use to write from. Make sure you add plenty of detail (that will make it easier for you tomorrow!)


Hi Year 6!


I hope you all had a good half term break and are looking forward to being back next week – we’re really looking forward to seeing you all! smiley


Today’s music lesson is a one off Oak Academy lesson, as I’m keen for us all to start our new topic altogether next week in music. You might recognise the first body percussion activity - 'Give me 1' ...or 'Break 1' as we know it! I look forward to seeing who manages to master the 'Pat, click clap groove' too - I'll be testing you next week! You'll need a plastic cup if possible for some of the activities.


I've put the link to the next lesson in this series too if you fancy a bit more of a challenge!


Have fun and I’ll see you next week to hear how you got on!


Ms Howes 



Spend 20 minutes reading your reading book today. Remember to record it in your reading diary.