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Wednesday 7th July

Literacy - Speech writing

You are part of the first mission to Mars. During landing, something happens that leaves you stranded on the planet. You manage to find a way to transmit a message back home to Earth. What will you say? How will you say it? Think about… 

• Who are you? 
• When are you sending this message?
• How you are feeling?
• What happened? Why are you stranded?
• How have you survived so long?
• How much longer can you survive? Why?
• What is your plan?
• What do you want to say if this is to be your last message?


This is a 'benchmark task' to give us an idea of what we can already do, so just do your best!

Once we have done it we will look at how to write a speech, so don't worry if you aren't sure yet.

Today we are looking at translation.  Look through the powerpoint and use it to help you answer the questions.  Answers are attached.

We have been looking at different ways in which Christian's can show commitment to their faith.

These include:

  • following the 10 Commandments
  • prayer
  • communion
  • baptism
  • going to church


Your task is to order them from the one you think shows the greatest commitment to the one which shows the least.  You can also try to explain some of your choices.