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Week 2 9th - 13th Nov



This week we are looking at the Stone Age. At the end of this unit we will be answering the question; which of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron age would you have preferred to live during and why?

Using the sheets below do some research on the Stone Age. You can use the internet to help you to. Try to focus on what housing, clothing and food were like during this time. 

Design Technology


This week we are going to have a go at sewing different stiches. Using the sheet below can you have a go at trying each stich on some fabric at home.



Have a go at 2 sessions from the Joe Wicks link below.



This term we are investigating what is the most significant part of the nativity story for Christians. This week. Use the internet to research and familiarise yourself with the nativity story and list all of the Christmas symbols that you can think of.  Can you explain what the symbols mean to Christians?