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Week 3 16th - 20th Nov



Choose two of the Joe Wicks sessions below to complete this week.

Design Technology


This week we are designing our Stone Age outfits. Use the sheet below to design your outfit. Think about how you got on with your practise sewing last week. Which stitch will you use to join your pieces? How confident did you feel with the sewing? Design a tunic that would be suitable for the Stone Age. Think about how you will decorate it. It must be in keeping with the Stone Age so think about what colour it will be. 



There are two activities to complete this week. Firstly, have a go at the comprehension below.

Secondly, we are looking at primary and secondary sources. Look at the PowerPoint below. Write a statement to explain what a primary source is and what a secondary source is. Give your own example of each one.
Look at these examples of primary sources from the Stone Age. What do they tell us about the Stone Age? Can you think of some examples of secondary sources linked to the Stone Age? Write your own list.