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Week 3 - 21st-25th September

Editing Poetry


We have been writing our own versions of the poem Tapestry and now it is time to edit!


Have a go at editing our example below to improve it or to make it your own.


Your can start by using the colour chart and flower examples from the links below.


If I could take a brush and paint the valleys and the dales,
I would colour the hillsides pink and cover them in roses.
I'd take the sharpest needle and the finest thread of purple
And sew a line of heather along the landscape all around.

I'd make a vivid collage of wild flowers in the dells
And fringe the edge of all the woods with their pretty rainbow petals..
I'd mix the bracken with the gorse, blend their colours like a lake
A green and yellow ocean on my own rich tapestry.

Then I'd take a box of brand new pastels and shade a mass of buttercups
Around the lush green meadows and up the sides of winding lanes. 
I would stencil on the mountains, just like pure white china cups,
Some fragile snapdragons and by the cliffs, sweet dandelions.

I'd mix orange, reds and yellows planting poppies wild and free
Onto nature's coloured canvas, my own rich tapestry.