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Week 4 - 28th Sept - 2nd Oct

Use the Powerpoint to help you understand adverbials, then complete the worksheet.  Use the answer sheet to mark your work.

Read the Scotland text and use the inference strategies to help you understand it.


Annotate the text with questions, things you can relate to, ideas etc.

Re-read the Scotland text.  Colour code your success criteria, then look for examples of the features in your text.  Underline them in the correct colour.


  • Introductory paragraph 5W’s - who, what, where, when, why
  • Themed paragraphs - each paragraph is about a different idea or point
  • Conclusion - an ending which summarises the main points

Word and sentence features

  •   Imperative verbs - 'bossy' verbs which tell the reader what to do, eg, go, watch, jump
  •   Adverbials - words or phrases which describe a verb, eg, slowly, with care
  •   Rhetorical questions - questions with no answer used to make a point, eg, Have you eve wanted the holiday of a lifetime?
  •   Repetition - repeating the same word or phrase to emphasise its importance

Challenge: Subjunctive form - see powerpoint below

Plan your own piece of persuasive writing.  Your task is to persuade parents to send their child to Eskdale.  Think about how you can adapt the Scotland text and use your knowledge of the school (and our website) to add relevant information.