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Week 5 5th-9th October

Please see below for the foundation activities for this week.



This week we are planning our own version of David Umemoto's sculpture. Take an A4 page and split it into 4 parts. Can you draw what the top, front, back and sides of your sculpture would look like. Use the pictures of Umemoto's work below to help inspire you. Think about what you found tricky or easy when you had your practise go last week.


We have been looking at changing states of matter this term. Look at the sheets below to find out more about the melting points of metals.



This week we are researching how our local area has changed over time. Using the internet complete the research sheet below. Can you find out about some of the local landmarks such as Ghost House Lane?



Have a go at two different P.E activities this week. Choose two activities from the options below that you can do at home.