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Week 6 12th-16th October

This week you are going to write your own report independently.



Use the planning grid below to plan your own report on States of Matter. All of the information that you will need is in the first box. Plan your report so that there is an introduction, a paragraph on melting, a paragraph on freezing and one on boiling. Look at all of the facts that are in the information box on the sheet and decide which fact will go in which paragraph. Remember to plan the techniques that you will use at the side, for example, commas in a list.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Using your plan, write your report on changing states of matter. Remember to include the techniques that you have planned and think about your punctuation.



Today you will need to edit your writing. Is there anything that you have missed out? Is there anything that could be improved or changed. Read you writing through first and think about where you could make changes.



Have a look a this weeks spellings. Write out a sentence using each spelling correctly. Remember, there will be a test on these spellings after half term.