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Week Beginning 12th October

Monday 12th October

SPaG - Direct speech

Have a go at p32 in your home learning booklet or try these tasks below.

Tuesday 13th October

SPaG - Expanded noun phrases.

Have a go at these activities to practise using expanded noun phrases in your writing. We have used these in our writing linked to the Diamond Brothers so far this year but use the link below and some of the revision resources to remind you what an expanded noun phrase is.

You can also complete p33 in your home learning booklet. 

Wednesday 14th October

SPaG - Formal language


Look at the powerpoint below to remind yourself about formal and informal language - we have been looking at this when writing our Tudor crime and punishment work. Then, try p35 in your home learning book or some of the activities below.

If you are in Mrs Claytor's literacy group, have a go at this sheet on contractions. 

Thursday 15th October


Have a go at the Railway reading activity on p21 and 22 of your home learning booklet. If you have an easier booklet, try one of the other reading comprehensions in there. 


Friday 16th October

All of Year 6 will be back in school today. Please bring in all the work that has been completed at home for your teacher to see. Please make sure all of your answers have been marked using the answer sheets on the website.