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Week Beginning 12th October

Monday 12th October


In science lessons this term, we have been learning about the circulatory and digestive systems in humans. Today, you will be researching about the digestive system in an animal of your choice! 

Present the information that you find in any way that you want to (perhaps a poster or a fact file?)

Below is an example of the sort of information that you need to find. Please write in full sentences and don't just copy word-for-word from the websites! Use the information you find to write your own sentences

Tuesday 13th October


We have been learning Spanish sports and how to say you do or play a sport. Have a look at the powerpoint below and practise speaking the sentences. Then, translate them into English in your exercise books.


Spanish 52: saying the sports you play or do

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Complete these sentences in Spanish by writing which sports the British althetes play or do. You might need to research the sport that they do.

Wednesday 14th October

PE - get your body moving! You have been in your houses and haven't been able to do all that running around the playground that you would usually do.

It is important to look after your body by eating well and doing some exercise. So take part in one of these workouts! 

Les Mills BORN TO MOVE | 8-12 year old class

PE With Joe | The Reunion


We'd normally have Music on a Wednesday afternoon. Well done to those in both classes that logged in to Charanga last week.


At the start of the lesson, we'd normally look at the Musical Elements, so I'd like you to have a look at the following videos on BBC Bitesize and recap on the meaning of those we've looked at so far.


Then, I'd like you to log in again (or for the first time!) and do some more work on your 'Quickbeats' compositions. I will be checking what work you have managed to save and be 'marking'/assessing them to see how you've got on. 

Your specific objectives are:


-Consider structure and duration in our composition 

(Are you using repeated patterns to provide some structure, but changing it enough so it doesn't get boring?) 

-Make improvements to our work. 

(Can you save your first attempt and then try and improve it and save your second attempt to show your progress/improvements?)

-Experiment with different length pieces and different kits. 

(Try creating a 16 bar rhythm and see how it sounds on different kits, or maybe you could create 4 lots of 4 bar rhythms on different kits?



Have fun and I look forward to listening to your compositions soon! Ms Howes 🙂

Thursday 15th October

Science - research 3 scientists who did research to improve the health of humans or research into how the organs of humans work. For each scientist answer:

- What is their name?

- When were they born and when did they die?

- What are they most famous for? 

- What steps did they take to research/discover the thing they are famous for? 

- Were they given any special awards for their work?


Here are some suggestions: 

- Marie Curie

- Alexander Fleming

- Louis Pasteur

- Edward Jenner

- Joseph Lister

- James Watson

- Francis Crick

- Rosalind Franklin


Friday 16th October

All of Year 6 will be back in school today. Please bring in all work that has been completed for your teacher to see.