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Week beginning 14th September

Monday 14th September


On Monday, we will be planning our character description of the dwarf, Mr Naples, who walks into the Diamond Brothers' office with his package. Use the planning sheet to plan your own ideas about what he looks like. 

Tuesday 15th September


On Tuesday, we will write our character description. Remember to use all of the features that you have planned. Use lots of different sentence starters (e.g. On his head,... Above his eyes,... Around his fingers,...) to start your sentences and to make them interesting. 


Use a dictionary (there are lots of online ones) to help you with spellings. Also, you could type words into an online thesaurus to choose better vocabulary choices too. 

Use the Success Criteria to help you

Wednesday 16th September

We will be writing Mr Naples' and Herbert's speech. Have a think about what they will say to each other and how to show their different personalities (Mr Naples is threatening; Herbert is quite nervous). 


Have a look at the worksheet below to help you understand how to use the speech rules. Add all the speech punctuation to the section of text at the top of the sheet. 


Then, have a go at writing 2 pieces of speech for Mr Naples and 2 pieces of speech for Herbert. 

Thursday 17th September

Today we are going to carry on with our history research. The findings from this lesson will be used to inform our next piece of writing.

First, have a look at the primary sources and have a think about what they show you (don't guess! Write down what you see). Follow the guidance on the sheet and write in your observations.  Then, read the secondary sources and take notes on the crimes and punishments from the Tudor time period. It would be helpful if you split your page into 2: half for crimes, and half for punishments. 


Friday 18th September

Click on the links below to watch some videos about the circulatory system. Take some notes as you watch it. Then, use the information in the videos to answer the questions on the worksheet. Make sure you use the key words (written in purple) in your explanations of the circulatory system.