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Week beginning 19th April



This document has your WALTS, Activating Prior Knowledge tasks and your work on  


Complete the Activating Prior Knowledge task first. 


Then, it's time to plan your Greek Myth! Look carefully at the boxes and plan what you would like to happen at each stage - use the two stories that you've already looked at (Perseus, and Theseus & the Minotaur) to help you understand the type of things that can happen. You are looking for your hero to have to go on a quest (perhaps sent by an evil king!), something to happen (the dilemma  - like Theseus having to get through the labyrinth to kill the minotaur), the resolution is using something magical to defeat the beast (like Perseus' shield and sword) and then an ending (you could have the hero returning home and being made a king!) 


Start each Numeracy session with the recap.

Spr5.11.4 - Percentages as fractions and decimals

Watch this video before trying the sheets below.

Spr5.11.5 - Equivalent FDP

Watch this video and then try the sheets below

Thursday - Fractions, Decimals and Percentage Worksheets and Answers Day 2



Spanish 23: understanding masculine and feminine

Watch this video before having a go at the worksheet below.

THURSDAY - History


a) print out the cards and stick them onto the timeline sheet




b) draw a timeline in your book and mark the different events on in chronological (time) order


Challenge: think about the gaps between the events - make events that are further apart in time further apart on the timeline


This term we are learning about the human life cycle. Have a look at photographs of yourself when you were a baby. How have you changed? How will you change in the future?

Today I would like you to research the length of time different mammals are pregnant for ( gestation time). Put your results in a table. Find 10 different examples. If you have squared paper you can draw a bar chart with days or months on the vertical y axis and the animal names across on the x axis.