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Week Beginning 23rd November

Monday 23rd / Tuesday 24th November


6G do the PSHE on Monday

6T do the PSHE on Tuesday

This week we conclude our topic looking at discrimination, with the inspiring story of a young girl whose incredible achievements earnt her the Nobel Peace Prize. We hope you enjoy her story.

Monday 23rd November - 6T

6T will be starting their Hoop Art today. We will collect all the pieces and try and get it to you so you can make one to hang on our hoop.

Tuesday 24th November


6G - Geography (trade). (6T will complete this on Friday). 

Wednesday 25th November

It's PE and music today.

Look on youtube for a mini-workout that you could do to get you moving or stretching. 

Thursday 26th November

Commando Joe is with us this afternoon, running activities for each class. 

For the other part of the afternoon, we will be making our Hoop Art. 

Friday 27th November

6G - Hoop Art.

6T - Geography (trade)