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Week Beginning 23rd November

Monday 23rd November

Today, we will be planning our next piece of writing about the problems with plastic. 

Have a look at the plan we have put together, and try to plan some of your own sentence starters (use the slides from last week to help you as there were lots of examples on there). 

Use today's slides too for examples.

Tuesday 24th November

Today, we will be writing the first 2 paragraphs of our writing: the introduction (what is plastic?) and the next paragraph (what are the problems with plastic?). 

Try to include as many of the success criteria as you can.  

Wednesday 25th November

We will be writing the last paragraph of our writing today: what are the solutions? 

Once again, try to include as many of the success criteria as you can. To try and persuade others to act, this paragraph is great for modal verbs - we MUST recycle. We SHOULD buy plastic alternatives. 


Thursday 26th November - RE: Kindertransport

Click on the website link and read the information and watch the videos. Then read the survivour's accounts. 


Use the information to answer these questions: 

- What was the Kindertransport?

- Why did the Kindertransport happen? 

- How did it happen? (What did they go on? What were they allowed to take? Who went?)

- Where did the children go? (What country did they go to? Where did the children stay?)
- What were their experiences? 



Friday 27th November - Science

Find about Natural Selection.