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Week beginning 28th September

Monday 28th September


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be learning a new method of division called long division. Watch the video above and look at the Long Division slides to learn how to do it and then have a go at the worksheets.

If you are in Mrs Playford's group, recap the method of short division (bus stop) before you start having a look at long division. 
Tuesday 29th September
Wednesday 30th September
Thursday 1st October

Before you do any work on factors, you need to check you know what factors are, and how to find factors of a number. Do the factors recap before moving onto finding common factors.


At school, we will set factors out like this:


eg: factors of 12 =



      1        x      12

      2        x       6

      3        x       4                     There is also  4 x 3, for example, but each number is only listed ONCE.


So, here, 12 has 6 factors, and they come in 3 factor pairs.


Some numbers have an odd number of factors, because they are square numbers.

Eg:           factors of 16 = 



        1       x      16

       2        x       8

       4                                      (It is 4 x 4, but 4 is only listed once, so 16 has 5 factors.)

Friday 2nd October

Division using factors - watch the video first, to help you.