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Week beginning 28th September

Monday 28th September

Tuesday 29th September


Today, practise using parenthesis to add clauses into writing. First add parenthesis (brackets, dashes or commas) where they are needed into the example sentences.  Next, write your own clauses to add into the next set of sentences using parenthesis to surround them. 

Also, practise your skimming and scanning skills with this work sheet - it's meant to be quick so practise your reading at speed! 
Wednesday 30th September

Thursday 1st October


Today, complete this reading comprehension on the Tudor time period. There are 3 levels to try - start with the 2 star one (1 star is easier and 3 star is more challenging). 


Friday 2nd October

Have a go at this comprehension about the digestive system. Try the 3 star questions sheet and remember to mark your answers.