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Week beginning 5th October

Monday 5th October

Today, we will be planning our information text about Tudor crime and punishment. 

Have a look at the example plan and see if you want to add any more information to it. 

Tuesday 6th October

Today, we will be writing the introduction and crimes paragraphs. 

Use the example below to help you with your writing. Remember, you can use parts of each sentence but add your own ideas in too. Try to include as much of the criteria as possible - show off to your parents what you can do! 


You will write this in your exercise book that you took home last week. Start with a heading of Tudor crime and punishment.

Here is the success criteria for your writing

Wednesday 7th October

We will be carrying on with the Tudor crime and punishment writing by writing the punishments paragraph and the conclusion. 

Use the example below to help you. Once again, try to use as much of the criteria as you can. If you are in Miss Tabram's or Miss Graves' groups, remember that the punishments paragraph is the perfect opportunity to include semi-colons (;) for clauses! 


Here is the success criteria for your writing

Thursday 8th October

Today, we will be using our inference and reading skills to find out as much information about Victorian crime and punishment. This will be really important because, when we return to school, we will be using this information to write an Independent Write about Victorian crime and punishment.

Use the help sheet to help you with working out what the primary sources show. If you would like more of a challenge, have a go at the other sheet which doesn't have the additional help on (most of you should be able to complete this one). 

Remember to think about: 

- what does the source show? 

- who are they? 

- what are they doing? 

- where are they? 

Once you have completed the primary sources sheet, read the secondary sources sheet and takes notes of any crimes and punishments. Write these in your exercise book. Use the subheadings of Crimes and Punishments. Make sure you include as much detail as possible as this will help you with your literacy work when you return to school. 

Friday 9th October

Have a go at the reading comprehension called 'Queen of the air' on pages 27 and 28 in your home learning booklet. 


If you were not in school when we gave out these booklets click on the link below and it will take you to the right booklet. 


If you find this comprehension task too tricky and you were given a slightly easier booklet, have a go at one of the reading comprehension tasks in your booklet.