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Week Beginning 5th October

Tuesday 6th October


RE - research the 5th Pillar of Islam - Hajj.

First, watch the video to find out about Hajj. (You might need to watch it a few times or take notes to be able to answer the following questions.)



- what happens

- what Muslims do when they take part

- why it is important for Muslims to do this

- how does this show commitment? 


You can choose how you want to present this, but it MUST be written in full sentences. 

What is Hajj? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Islam

Wednesday 7th October


PE - try a home workout! 

Les Mills BORN TO MOVE | 8-12 year old class

Music - log on to your Charanga account and have a go with some of the activities on there. 
Thursday 8th October

History - ask your own questions about 21st Century crime and punishments. Research these to find answers. Be safe online and ensure that you only click on websites that are suitable - ask an adult if you are unsure.

Friday 9th October


This half term we have been studying Escher. In school, last week, we practised using pencils to create line, tone and shape.


Watch this video to have a look at how you can use pencils to create tone (light and dark).

Try these different activity sheets below to practise shading.