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Week Beginning 7th December

Monday 7th December

There is no literacy today as we are having 2 lessons of maths. Tomorrow, we will have 2 lessons of literacy. 

Tuesday 8th December

We will be having 2 lessons of literacy today.

In the first lesson, we will be planning our next piece of writing about pollution. Use the planning sheet to help you think about all the features. Also, use your ideas from last week. 


In the second lesson, we will be writing the introduction and problems paragraph. Write this in your book. Don't forget headings and subheadings. Use your plastic writing to help you.


Wednesday 9th December

We will be completing our piece of writing today by writing the solutions paragraph. Remember to include modal verbs and short sentences for impact. Please underline all of the criteria that you have used, just like we would in class.

Thursday 10th December

Friday 11th December

Today we will be finishing our RE cycle by writing our response to our Big Question.