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Week Beginning 9th November

If you are in 6T, complete the RE on Monday and the PSHE on Tuesday. 


If you are in 6G, complete the PSHE on Monday and the Geography on Tuesday.

PSHE (6G Monday, 6T Tuesday)

This week, we are continuing our look at discrimination with a closer look at some of the things said by Doctor Martin Luther King Junior.

Part one is an introduction to the lesson.

Part two is a story about Martin Luther King's peaceful protests.

Part three has the written task.

RE (6T on Monday)

In this lesson, we will be understanding more about the restrictions placed on Jewish people living in Europe during WW2. Have a look at the slides and work through those. You will also need to read the page of Anne Frank's diary that is below to understand the restrictions.


If you are unsure, use the help sheet. 

Geography (6G on Tuesday)

Blue Planet II : The Prequel

WALT: Understand what is happening to our oceans and how we can begin to become Single Use Plastic free.

Watch this video to explore our world's oceans.

Even the Galápagos Islands are being polluted by plastic | ITV News

What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce

Go through this powerpoint to find out about Single Use Plastics (SUP) and what alternatives can be used

TASK: Make a poster to show what alternatives can be used instead of single use plastic items. 

Wednesday 11th November - PE and Music (6T and 6G)

For PE, go on YouTube and search for a Joe Wicks PE Lesson. 

Thursday 12th November - E-Safety (6T and 6G)
This half term we are completing the E-Safety part of the curriculum. This week we are doing two lessons (they are not very long!). Look at the slides, watch the videos and complete the tasks from the worksheets in your note books. If you still have any questions about the topics covered, please ask them when you come back to school.
Friday 13th November - Spanish and DARE (6T and 6G)
Complete the recap (correcting the mistakes). Then, translate the question and answer. Practise asking your family what sports they do/play and responding. Write an example in the speech bubbles.