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Week Beginning 9th November

Monday 9th November 

We have been researching about Victorian crime and punishment. Today, we are going to plan our writing linked to this like we did with the Tudors. This week, your writing will be independent (which means you need to try this on your own to really show off to your teacher what you can do).


First, you will need to complete the plan. Remember to include all of the features and make sure it is formal. Use the website below to help you and your research from the history lessons. 

Tuesday 10th November

Today, we will be writing the introduction and Victorian crimes paragraph of our writing. This will be independent, so make sure you use all the techniques to show off what you can do. Use your plan to help.


Wednesday 11th November

We will be finishing our piece of writing today by writing the Punishments paragraph and conclusion. 

Use these examples of sentence starters to help you

Thursday 12th November - Reading Comprehension

Friday 13th November

Today, we will be learning about a adaptation and evolution (which is a theory that was a Big Issue at the time it was made public).


Use the slides to help you understand the topic. 

Then read the information texts to help you to fill in the task sheet. 

Use these texts to help you with the tasks