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Week Beginning 9th November

Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th November


This work on converting improper and mixed number fractions is going to be done over two days at school, so some of these pages are for today, and some are for Tuesday. You might remember doing some of this topic in Year 5.


You need to watch both videos, and work from both worksheets.

Wednesday 11th November

Watch the videos about multiplying fractions, then try the activities. It is a lot easier than you might think! 

First, you will multiply a fraction by a whole number (integer).

Then you will multiply a fraction by another fraction.

Remember you can use a times tables grid if you need to (there is one in your school diary).


* Integer just means a whole number that is not a fraction.

Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November

For these two days we will be looking at comparing and ordering fractions.