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What's going on?

                           Year 6 STEM day

Rolls Royce will be visiting Year 6 on Friday 24th January. The children will be developing their Skills and Knowledge for Life and working practically in groups to plan, build and test a rocket. 


                         Vincent van Gogh

In art, we have been studying Vincent van Gogh's life and artwork. We have focused on the painting 'Starry Night' and developed our painting skills including mixing colours, layering colours and working in the artist's style.


Below, we have started to experiment working in the style of van Gogh using small brush strokes and layering paint.  

                          A Big Issue: Plastic

During our Big Issues topic, we learned about many issues: plastic and pollution; DARE 25; Remembrance; and The Holocaust.

We were surprised at how big an issue plastic is becoming and enjoyed looking into different ways to reduce our use of it. 


Below is a piece of our writing to explain why plastic is a big issue. 

                           Escher art work

In the Autumn term, we studied the work of M.C. Escher and enjoyed looking at his many mind-blowing pieces of art. Also, we have had a go at creating sketches with tone, texture, line and form in response to his work.