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Who is our leader?

I’m Tracey (Commando Jo) and I have been a Commando Joe’s Instructor for 4 years. I have worked in a wide variety of schools, from early years right through to KS4.


I started my career many years ago by joining the Army. I was part of 22Regt RA for 8 years as a signaller. During my time I completed 2 United Nations tours in Cyprus, 9 months in Israel and a tour of Iraq. I also spent various months in other countries on different exercises and operations, these included Belize, Germany and Norway to name a few. My time in the Military came to an end after deciding it was the right choice for me and my family.


After leaving the Armed Forces I decided to pursue my next career as a personal trainer. Fitness has always been a passion of mine, so it was an easy decision to make. I absolutely love a challenge, have run a fair few marathons and more recently taken part in the 3 Peaks Cycle Challenge. I have completed these events for charities such as Help For Heroes and Scotty’s Little Soldiers.


I have 2 children who have been to various schools throughout the country whilst both myself and their father were serving soldiers. I have a great understanding in the needs and support that forces children may need, as well as the challenges they may face daily.


Commando Joe’s run a character curriculum in schools where children have the opportunity to follow ‘MISSIONS’ based on some amazing and inspirational people. We believe that children should be given the time, support and resources to be able to learn valuable life skills. The excellence framework that we use is based around RESPECT character traits teaching;

 Resilience, Empathy, Self Awareness, Passion, Excellence, Communication and Teamwork.


If you would like anymore information, take a look at our website, or drop me an email at