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Year 3 Curriculum

Autumn Term

The Autumn term is always very busy settling the children and making them feel at home. Our inspiration for our first mini topic comes from a painting by Renoir, called 'The Umbrellas'. We shall be looking at the different characters in this image, looking at colour and learning a little about the artist himself.

Later in the term we shall also be exploring the local area with a geography focus, learning about maps. 

Our science focus for this term is Forces and Magnets.

And of course we will finish of the term with a spectacular Christmas production.

Spring Term

Our Spring topic is Chocolate! Who doesn't like a bit of chocolate?

To kick of this topic we shall be reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl. We shall be learning about the origins of chocolate and delving into the ancient civilisation of the Mayans. A favourite with the children is when we design and make our own chocolate bars! Yum

Yum! The children will also turn their hand at Mayan weaving.  

Our science topics for this term will be Animals and Light.

Summer Term

Our Summer topic is the Vikings! This is an exciting topic when the children use a range of different sources to explore who the Anglo Saxons were, where they came from and where they lived. We will give the children the experience of dressing up as Vikings, sailing in a Viking long ship and making our own Viking broaches, in order to consider how life is similar and different to life today.

In our science lessons we be learning about Rocks and Soils, and Plants.