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Year 4 Curriculum

Autumn 1


Housing and the Local Area

For our first topic we will be looking at housing in Chilwell and focusing on how the area has changed over time. We will start by going on a walk round the area so get ready to make lots of observations about what you can see around you!


Autumn 2


Stone Age Britain 

We will study what life was like for early Britons. Stone Age life in places such as Star Carr will show us how our ancestors lived and what was different thousands of years ago. We will think like Historians by studying artefacts from the Stone Age.               


Spring 1


Roman Britain and Sound Poems

Moving forward in time, we will look at the invasion of Britain by the Romans.   In Science we will be looking at sound. This will link to some of our writing this term.


Spring 2


Roman Britain Continued 

We will study the rise and subsequent fall of the Roman Empire and what they left behind.


Summer 1 and 2


World War Two    

For this topic we will look at life in Wartime Britain - what air-raids were like, how children felt being evacuated and the effects of rationing on meat, fruit and veg....and sweets! We will be making our own wartime cakes and looking at artists from the period.